Does this sound Familiar? You’ve had a lot of turnover – almost too much, and the revolving door of new people is overworking your superstars burning them out. .

You’re doing everything to support your team, yet the workload is overwhelming, and you’re just keeping afloat. With grants needing closure and daily emergencies consuming your time, it’s hard to find a moment for essential tasks. Fortunately, with my 25+ years in research administration, crisis management, and leadership development, I offer comprehensive solutions to tackle these multifaceted challenges effectively with my 2024 Programs and Services.

Research Admin Crisis Management

Comprehensive cleanup for research based organizations from small businesses to large academic medical centers, I can help you untangle the messiest and scariest grants that have been left to languish for longer than anyone wants to admit. Let me help you clean them up and close them out en masse.

On-Call Research Administration

Flexible, expert grant support for small businesses and organizations without a full-time research administrator. Our services include proposal preparation, submission, and post-award management, helping you secure and manage funding efficiently.

Grant Support for Research Teams & BioTech

Tailored grant management and submission expertise for investigators without dedicated research administration. From complex submissions to financial oversight, we streamline your grant process, ensuring compliance and maximizing funding opportunities.

Workshops and Trainings

Providing workshops and training to research administrators to help them create momentum and progress by optimizing their workflows. Leadership development 3) Training and onboarding for new research administrators for portfolios that have been cleaned up

Research Admin… Done Differently

Minessa has over 20 years of experience in research administration and thrives on solving the most complex grant challenges and streamlining administrative processes. Specializing in intricate grant submissions, portfolio cleanups, and interim staffing solutions, they bring a wealth of knowledge and a vast network from being a forefront leader in research administration.

Minessa’s expertise turns the chaos of messy problems into clarity, consistently delivering exceptional outcomes and transforming anxious PIs and CEOs into excited, thriving leaders. If you’re navigating the complexities of grants, Minessa is the expert ally you need.


⭐ Areas of Expertise


  • Proposal Preparation: Developing narratives, budget justifications, and compliance alignments.
  • Administrative Review: Checking for institutional and sponsor policy adherence.
  • Sponsor Liaison: Navigating sponsor guidelines, requirements, and communications.


  • Financial Reconciliation: Managing grant funds, ensuring accurate expense allocation.
  • Effort Reporting: Aligning project effort with financial commitments.
  • Progress Report Coordination: Preparing and submitting annual or final reports to sponsors.


  • Grant Applications: Assisting with the development and submission of grant proposals to secure funding.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Guidance: Offering expertise on compliance with federal and private funding requirements, ensuring businesses meet all regulatory obligations.
  • Grant Management: Providing comprehensive support for managing awarded grants, including financial oversight and reporting.


  • Workshop and Seminar Delivery: Creating and delivering customized workshops on grant writing, financial management, and compliance for businesses and academic institutions.
  • Professional Development : Developing targeted programs to enhance the skills of research administrators, focusing on the latest trends and best practices.
  • Customized Training Solutions: Tailoring training content to meet the specific needs of organizations, ensuring relevance & applicability to their unique challenges.