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Minessa: the blue-haired, horn-wearing force of nature you didn’t see coming but can’t look away from. They blend humor and hard-earned wisdom to keep audiences hooked, whether the topic is work-life boundaries, life lessons from a clam, or navigating a world while something of global importance is always happening.🌟

Minessa works hand-in-hand with you, turning initial visions into excitement generating events that leave attendees not just entertained, but also better equipped for whatever challenges come next.” 🌈🔥

  • Keynote & Workshops

Topics include, Work/Life Integration, Diversity & Inclusion, Personal Empowerment, Adaptability through Change, Business Optimization.

  • Panel Moderator

Engaging questions that spotlight panelists, good on the fly, and expert room reader

  • Panelist

Expert weaves personal perspectives into the conversation while lifting up other panelists, creating a vibrant and engaging panel dynamic.

Types of Events


  • Team & Leadership retreats
  • Charity Events
  • Women’s Conferences
  • Summits & Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Networking Events
  • LGBTQ+, Women, BIPOC
  • Chronically Ill, Disabled, Neurodivergence
  • Research Administrators
  • Small Business Owners
  • Remote Workers
  • Chambers & Associations


Transitioning into a managerial role has been a steep learning curve, but Minessa’s training was a game-changer for me. The session shifted my focus from mere goals and benchmarks to a more human-centric approach to leadership. Minessa effectively bridged the gap between the desire for progress and the need for genuine people development. I found this perspective both refreshing and crucial for creating a sustainable work environment. This training should be a must for any new manager prioritizing long-term success over short-term gains.
Carolyn Bell, Research Administrator
Wow, Minessa, you have this incredible talent for breaking down complex topics into something I can actually wrap my head around. 🌟 Walking out of your talk, I felt like I had a new toolkit and I was totally pumped to dive back into my challenges. I really feel like I can tackle them head-on now. Seriously, thank you so much. Hope I get to see you again.
 I was blown away by how they managed to engage the audience, strike home the intended message for the topic presenting while also sharing and maintaining their individuality and confidence. The knowledge and enthusiasm that Minessa portrayed while speaking was clear and evident from the passion showed throughout the session. I am excited to attend another talk/training session with Minessa online or in person!
Kyle Lewis, NCURA

Let’s skip the slides and get real. 🎉

Ready for some eye-opening insights? Let’s chat about how to craft an event that’ll leave your audience saying, “Wow, that was something!” 🌟
So, are you in? Let’s shake things up! 🙌

Upcoming DATES

  • 05/24 – NCURA Region 1

  • 03/24 – FRA/PRA Conference

  • 08/24 – NCURA Nationals

  • 01/24 – Women Finding Clarity Event

  • 01/24 – SSWBN Lunch & Learn Event

Select past events

  • International Association for Canine Professionals Annual Conference

  • South Shore Conference for Women

  • NCURA Nationals

  • NCURA Region 1 Conference

  • National Association for Professional Organizers