Project Description

Do you find yourself embarrassed about your mental health struggles? Worrying about how you could be perceived by others? You “should” be able to juggle it all and don’t want to be seen as crazy or weak. I’ve been there and so has today’s guest Jordan Cocoran.

Jordan is an entrepreneur and mental health advocate who is passionate about helping others overcome challenges and achieve their goals. She’s the founder of two businesses: Listen Lucy, an anti-bullying and mental health organization, and The Corcoran Collective, a marketing agency. Jordan is also a public speaker, sharing her story and insights in order to help others who may be struggling with similar issues.

Listen in as we discuss:

    1. Jordan’s story and struggle with anxiety
    2. How talking about your own mental health can be powerful in your growth and connection with others
    3. How Jordan turned her experience with anxiety and mental health struggles into two successful businesses