Ep 46: Finding Strength in Your Story with Jordan Corcoran


Do you find yourself embarrassed about your mental health struggles? Worrying about how you could be perceived by others? You “should” be able to juggle it all and don’t want to be seen as crazy or weak. I’ve been there and so has today’s guest Jordan Cocoran. Jordan is an entrepreneur and mental health advocate [...]

Ep 63: Overcoming Guilt as the Currency of Indulgence with Saira Valley


Do you want to experience the freedom of living without guilt and the joy of true belonging? As a woman who understands the struggle with guilt and indulgence, I want to share with you my special guest Saira Valley who spills the solution to achieving ultimate happiness and connection. In this episode, you will be [...]

Ep 60: Am I on Mute? Getting your Voice Heard with Nancy Medoff


When Nancy, a VP of Corporate Sales, is interrupted in a meeting one too many times, she leaves her job to fight for women to be heard which lead to her creating a powerful playbook to help them speak up and stand out with confidence. I'm so glad she's coming on the podcast to have [...]

Ep 47: Life Lessons from Star Trek with Elaine Federico


The last few years have been a time of incredible growth for me, I’ve been relearning so many things, I feel like I rebuilt myself inside out in so many ways. And thanks to Alex, I’ve had Star Trek on almost constantly as I did so. And though I didn’t know it was happening, I was [...]

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