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Reimagining Success: A Conversation with Dorothy

A few years ago I had an experience with a friend of mine asking for a raise that completely changed my entire perspective on employment.

She was in a salary negotiation, already earning a substantial $100K. Her boss asked for her number, and she boldly asked for $140K, without a hint of doubt in her voice. The request was met with laughter – like loud laughter, but she remained undaunted, simply replying with confidence, “I know you’ll do your best.”

This interaction left an indelible mark on me. It shattered my fears about money discussions at work. My friend knew something crucial: understanding your value and having the courage to ask for it can lead to a better outcome, even if the initial reaction is incredulous laughter. (She got $125K, and they were apologetic that they couldn’t get her more).

In a recent episode of our podcast, I was privileged to delve into a conversation on negotiation and money making with Dorothy Mashburn, who, just like my friend, challenges traditional narratives around success and self-worth. Set against the backdrop of our collective reawakening from long-held norms influenced by colonialism, patriarchy, consumerism, and capitalism, her work encourages us to demand our value, and gives us the blueprint to do it with confidence.

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