Project Description

The last few years have been a time of incredible growth for me, I’ve been relearning so many things, I feel like I rebuilt myself inside out in so many ways. And thanks to Alex, I’ve had Star Trek on almost constantly as I did so. And though I didn’t know it was happening, I was shaped by many of the lessons I learned from various episodes of the show. I finally understood why people became so obsessed with this show – like Elaine!

Her branding is on point – she has been a passionate Star Trek fan her whole life, and when I met her, even though I wasn’t a fan at the time, I was infected with her love for the characters, the people, and the community. So when Episode 47 came around (a very special number for Trekkies), I had to have her on the show for us to talk about life lessons we took from these stories. It was such a blast hanging out with her, and I loved hearing the different ways the show impacted her –

From Darmok and Jalad to Data’s quest to become more human, from the original series to Deep Space Nine, we touch upon all of them. I would be curious to know – did yours make the list?

And if not, what is your favourite life lesson from star trek? Email me at and let me know!

Referenced Episodes

If you wanted to get started on Star Trek to join the community, start with Strange New Worlds – its 10 episodes, short, modern, and no previous knowledge of star trek needed.

  • TNG Birthright – This is where Picard tells Data he is a culture of 1
  • DS9 – The Maquis – This is the episode that made me realize I needed to come up with a code for my own life
  • DS9 – Accension – That’s the thing about faith. If you don’t have it you can’t understand it, and if you do – no explanation is necessary.
  • TNG – Darmok – A great standalone episode about the importance of cross cultural communication – should be a must watch for literally everyone who wants to break down cultural barriers.
  • DS9 – the Visitor – The father son relationship is at the core of this show.
  • The Original Series
  • DS9 – Duet – If you start with DS9, you have to wait to get to this episode before it really kicks off, before this it was finding it’s legs. Don’t give up, its worth it.