Project Description

When Nancy, a VP of Corporate Sales, is interrupted in a meeting one too many times, she leaves her job to fight for women to be heard which lead to her creating a powerful playbook to help them speak up and stand out with confidence. I’m so glad she’s coming on the podcast to have an impactful conversation to talk about getting your voice heard & claiming your seat at the table.

Nancy Medoff is a confidence coach and author of Unmute Yourself, Speak Up to Stand Out. She has spent many years in corporate America and has operationalized the activities needed to demonstrate confidence in the workplace. Nancy has dedicated her life to helping others learn to stand up for themselves, so they can be heard and spread their own personal message.

Don’t mistake my passion for anger. People want to hear what you have to say. Speak up, stand out and step up. Never underestimate the impact you have on a person. If you want to be persuasive and be heard, the best way to disarm someone is to smile.”

Tune in to this conversation as we discuss:

  1. How to neutralize a person and be heard in a potentially volatile situation.
  2. The impact of women overusing ‘please’ in emails.
  3. The role of nurture vs. nature in developing confidence.