Project Description

There are just too many things that can make an individual person feel weird, and its all based on our own life experiences, so what one person thinks is weird, another person can find totally normal. But despite how subjective weird can be, for many of us, it’s something we spent a lifetime trying to get away from.

This episode of Stop Shutting All Over Yourself is about perspective shifts you can make and how I learned about how being different from the status quo can be a superpower. Through my own personal stories and stories from others, I learned that we often feel the need to hide our true selves in order to fit in. This fear of being rejected by the collective creates a sense of insecurity and can cause us to mask our true selves and be less productive at work.

However, I also learned that if we can shift our perspective on these issues on an individual level and create a safe work environment, we can be more productive and successful in our careers and our lives.

In this episode, I’m talking about:

  1. Embracing your weirdness as your superpower
  2. What it looks like to work with chronic illness and how that can be used as a superpower
  3. How to embrace the superpowers of others to create inclusion